Special visitors

Urukundo Village and Learning Center looked forward to and prepared for a visit from a very prestigious group Friday, Sept. 21. Our thanks go to Francoise Uzamukunda, program director of the Global Engagement Institute, and Drew Kahn, director of The Anne Frank Project and distinguished professor at SUNY Buffalo State.

It was our honor to welcome Francoise Uzamukunda; Drew Kahn; Marie Rosemila Petit Frere Saint-Vil, mayor of Arcahai in Haiti; Katherine Conway-Turner, president of SUNY Buffalo State; and Alix Contave, program director of the W. K. Kellogg Foundation. Among our guests also were the SUNY vice chancellor of global affairs, the SUNY director of learning through development and other professors.

The event started with a visit to the dining room during lunch to meet the children and join in thanksgiving for the blessings of the day.


Lunch for the visitors was in Hope House. Our visitors were joined by representatives from the Muhanga District and Urukundo office staff: Eric Bakinahe, executive secretary; Juliette Musabyemariya, human resources; Irene Dushimimana, headmaster at Urukundo Learning Center; and, of course, Mama Arlene Brown. A total of 26 guests attended the lunch. We were honored by the presence of the advisor to the executive committee, Gonzague Biziyaremye, and the advisor to the mayor in education, Claude Sebashi.


Headmaster Irene gave a presentation to visitors at the Urukundo Learning Center.

The mayor from Haiti visited Urukundo students.


A question-and-answer session followed a tour of Urukundo Village and Learning Center.


After the conversation time at Urukundo, a meeting with Muhanga Mayor Beatrice Uwamariya at the district office took place. The gathering was impressive. Buffalo and Muhanga are sister cities and share equal concerns, especially in the education of young people.