August Newsletter

Change in procedure: As visitors are prominent early in the newsletter, I thought it best to introduce them first.
Anna Symons arrived Aug. 7.  She came to Urukundo through indiGO Volunteers. She will serve at Urukundo Foundation for 23 days. The day care and Learning Center are her interests. Anna is a medical student at the University of Bristol in England.

Sarah Smith a graduate of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, arrived August 9. Sarah will spend 22 days at Urukundo Village. Sarah’s degree is in accounting. This is Sarah’s second visit to Urukundo Foundation.
The last Sunday in July we welcomed Tom MacGregor and his family to Urukundo Village. Tom was taking our visitor, Charlotte to his home in Kigali to help her reach the airport at a “too early” hour in the morning. Tom and Char are both from England and are good friends.

Tom has a lovely wife Ritah and two daughters, Kiza and Tona.  Charlotte was a delight, sharing her time with Tom’s family and Urukundo’s family.
The girls had a good time in mama’s toy room.

Char was a welcomed volunteer.
Kevin Castle, our Rwandan volunteer, returned for the second time to spend time with Urukundo’s kids during his and their school break. Kevin is a university student in Kigali.
Patricia, better known as Trish, and Marvin Scott arrived at our village Aug. 20. They are world
travelers and interested in new adventures. It was our pleasure to have them include Urukundo in interesting places to visit while in Rwanda. We welcome them as part of the friends of Urukundo Foundation/Hope Made Real. We thank Tom MacGregor of Azizi Life for making them aware we are in Rwanda. Jean Marie, Executive Director for Urukundo, helped me welcome them.