March 2017 Newsletter

March became a month of activities.

A delegation from Kigali Dental University came this month. The delegation included Home Girl, Valli Meeks from Philadelphia and University of Maryland in Baltimore, MD.   

They brought uniforms for our Dental Therapist to wear saving her personal clothing. Thank you team.


Introducing Lion Sanord

R is pronounced L in Kinyarwanda so Ryan becomes Lion.

Ryan is in Rwanda with Pease Corps and Urukundo is his second project. Reminiscent of when Meredith Lu was with us so very long ago. We are indeed grateful for their becoming a part of our Urukundo family.

Ryan is working with the Music program at the school and also with our kid’s choir for worship.

He tells me our guitar is high quality and he prefers it to his own. WOW! We are so blessed to have received such a gift.


The Falke team arrived and was with us for 21 days. It was an exciting 21 days for the school and for our home children.  Team members this year; Marilyn, Kim, Carol can you find them in the picture?


Helen Kwiskin joined the team for several days near the end of their visit.


They started the visit with our first ever Pajama Party

Truly they brought Pajamas for all the kids even the big adult kids and the response from our children was awesome. Thank you all who contributed to the PJ Funding Project.

Have you ever seen such a sight?


The gift of pajamas came with our visitors from the USA. All the children put on their new pajamas and came to Mama’s house for devotions.  They were so very happy. What a wonderful gift and so appreciated by the children, Mamas, and me.


During the singing at the PJ devotions.  Kavine presents her baby doll while we sang, "He holds the Itty Bitty baby in his hands” You know the song and it is loved by the children. HE HOLDS THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS.

Teacher Kim taught devotions that evening from the book of the same name.

We had the best PJ PARTY EVER. 


Science projects at the home especially about space, stretch the mind.  Making Rockets with teacher, Kim.


Preparing to Rocket to the moon. What fun making your very own rocket.

Ready for blast off.


To the moon.

In flight


ICDL Project News

ICDL Proctor Viateur is officially certified to teach ICDL Computer training for businesses. The first class has been initiated at Urukundo Village. This class is open to the public and to businesses that need their employees better able to use computers more efficiently.


Olivier, our fental therapist and Théogen, our head teacher for Preschool, were two learning the new skills. 


Adaline, school office secretary; I'rene, head master; I’rene, librarian; Julliette, human resources; Eric, staff secretary and; Jean Marie, executive director were all benefiting from this resource as well.


Computers for this class were donated by Forest Hills Rotary and the first 10 students from our staff were sponsored by Waverly Presbyterians in Pittsburgh. Coordinator for the project is Bob Dove also from Rotary and Presbyterian in Pittsburgh. Thank you all for making this possible

Recent High School graduate Pacifique (Dada) received her gift bible for a job well done.

Prince receives a special gift from his Education Sponsor


Kaboss when he came to our family and Kaboss now. My how he has grown.


Jacob and Livine on the winning team. Jacobs first foote Ball (soccer) game. 4 years old and already a winner. Sister Livine is proud & happy.


Soso the first grader. Ready and raring to go.

Mama & Baby House 

Special prayers for this 1 day old little one who came to Mama and Baby mission outreach.  She weighted 1 Kilo or 2 lbs and is in serious condition. Her mama brought her to Urukundo. She is so tiny.  She will return to the hospital for further care. We hope to have an update when more is known.


Marilyn Ely, Mama & Baby gift bearer, visited the Birthing Center working with Urukundo and holds a precious new born

One of 28 babies born in March.

Special Day

Last but at the very top of our lists of events.

On March 30, 2017,  Jean Marie Ntwire officially received his Bachelors Degree in Business Management and Auditing.  There were over 300 in the graduating classes at the graduation ceremony. Health & Nutrition, Computer science, Business Management, Finance & Auditing, Sociology and I am sure there ae a few I don’t remember. The weather did not cooperate as it rained hard for the first 2 hours delaying the 8:30 am start. Well what can you expect it is the rainy season after all?  After that it tried to clear up with only a slight drizzle from time to time.

Picture taking was difficult.

This degree is one more step to a successful future for him and Urukundo Home & Learning Center.  Congratulations Jean Marie. How proud we were to share this day with him!


Oswald from our UF board, his wife Larissa and older brother J M Uwamahoro, his daughter Lana Arlene  & I were in cheering section.


Departure day for Carol, Kim & Helen. Marilyn left a bit earlier

Leaving is never easy. It has been a wonderful learning and fun filled 21 days.

The kids are looking forward to next year when the Falke team will return. I am sure it will have new member along with the team alumni. 

In closing, I leave you with this thought:

The vulnerable children of Rwanda and the world.

Opportunity is what they need. Your love. Their lives, Our world, You can make a difference.

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Much love,

Mama Arlene
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