Urukundo Special-October

What do bankers do for fun?

Well, let me tell you what 20 bankers from HSBC and representing 14 different countries did in October 2017.  Two leaders from Indigo and Twenty beautiful people from England, Canada, Australia, Greece, Egypt, South Africa, Singapore, China, Brazil, Dubai, Italy & India, Spain, and United States.


Through Indigo Volunteers based in the UK, they booked their volunteering trip to Rwanda. Urukundo was the resting and working habitat during their stay. 

Benjamin Western, co-founder of Indigo Volunteers sets the pace.


He had their full attention.  


They walked the kids to school & greeted all the school children.

Waiting at the gate for traffic report before crossing.


Sharing the morning school greeting.

Yoga was a morning routine. Tas was the teacher.

Thanks to my daughter, Patricia for the two yoga mats, however that is enough for everyone who participated.  We need more, please. Then we can get the children involved. Great conditioning.


They taught their countries culture, dress, and food to the children at Urukundo Learning Center.

Egypt - Ahmed Assisted by Tas

Egypt- Ahmed and Andrea

Dead not yet buried, a live mummy. Egyptian burial tradition. 

Dimitri from Greece

Spain- Cesar

Pakistan- Sheryar

Singapore – Luke

India – Tasina

United Kingdom –Amy and Laurance  

Canada- Kinda, Harry

China –Yuan & Junje

South Africa- Eline

Australia - Sabrin


The Story

There was a beautiful princess and a brave prince and a dangerous lion who lived in the land. The lion wanted the princess and so stole her away. The prince went after the lion to get the princess back. The prince killed the lion and rescued the beautiful Princess. With the lion slain the people in the land had a better life.  Bravo Prince

Photos for the story

Drama- England- Louise & Michael

Prince slaying the lion

Lion is dead. Long live the prince & princess.  Happy ever after.

England- Amy & Harry

 Brazil –Luciano

Libya - Fay

Free Time

In free time, they played with our kids and just had fun.




The sharing was wonderful and beneficial for all.  They became involved with children from the local community and the Urukundo Home for children.

Worship with the children & Mama.

Sharing Advise

The office staff of Urukundo Foundation and Mama will be forever grateful for the advise, knowledge and know-how shared with our office staff. Fine tuning our operation was so important.


The team decided as their project to paint the children’s dinning room.  I was delighted.


The Story Behind the Tree Painting

The trunk of the tree is Urukundo Foundation. The branches shows growth. The leaves some small represent the little kids. The large ones represent the older kids and the falling leaves represent kids who have moved on.  The wise old Owl represents Mama watching over all.




Our dining room is beautiful.

The final and equally exciting event was a Foote Ball (Soccer) Match between the Urukundo Staff and the HSBC team. The score 5 to 1. Urukundo was the winner. Great Game everyone.


Amazing Leaders

Indigo is blessed with gifted leaders.  Benjamin and Tas did a great job. Thank you guys!

Tas, one beautiful, talented young woman wonder where her future will lead.


The entire HSBC team, Urukundo staff, and the Urukundo Kids.  I loved and appreciated all that the team did and the love they shared. We look forward to their return in the future.

Oh by the way, they did find time to visit the Gorillas while they were in Rwanda.