July 2016 Newsletter

Independence day in the US is also Liberation day in Rwanda.

How awesome that such a special day should be celebrated on the same day and in the same month in both my countries.

Special Thank You

To all of you who accepted the $10,000 challenge and made it a success Urukundo, our donor and mama are grateful. The Construction on Primary class rooms 5 and 6 will be finished by the end of August.

Progress to date July 27,2016 Photos

Front side roof, windows, doors.

Inside walls, blackboard

Back side, ventilators, window frames.

Thanks to your gifts to meet the challenge. Success is good.

Special African Day

Day of the African child was a special day for Urukundo kids.

We were invited to the gathering where the Mayor and many dignitaries were present. The amazing thing was the District sent a mini van to transport our kids to the gathering.

This is indeed a compliment to Urukundo Foundation

Our children.

I am so proud of them. They make us look good. The Head master from Urukundo Learning Center Irene, Exec Director Jean Marie and Auntie Chantal from the Nursery and I accompanied the children.

The event was held at the school for Special Children in Muhanga District.

The gathering was behind the Stadium in Muhanga at the school for Special Children on the far side of the hill. What a view!


Reward for a job well done.

The Karate team had Fanta and cookies to reward them for their excellent performance at the 10-year celebration

Something new at Urukundo

Louise from UK has introduced Yoga. She and and Luki are demonstrating. Great exercise for kids and adults alike.

Solar Power

What a blessing the sun is. Surely a gift from God. The sun is a great source of power, actually electricity. The sun is what we have plenty of. We are starting small with Solar electricity in the Home for boys and Home for girls.

The technicians arrived this month to start the installation. Claudia is the head tech. She is from Austria. She and her husband formed a company in Rwanda and we are blessed by their relationship with us.


It is our hope to extend this power to the farm. The baby chicks need light 24 - 7 hours so it would be beneficial to get that light from the sun as the source. And reduce our electricity bill.


Farm expanding. Piglets are a good source of revenue


New house for baby pigs.

Path to Learning

New stones on the Path to Learning


Welcoming a Pennsylvania girl and her husband to Urukundo was my pleasure. Keena Thrush is from the Williamsport area (mama’s home area), her husband, Matthias Ratz is from Germany and they both live and work in Hong Kong. How is that for being international.

Old friends are special Pastor Boyd and I have a 10-year history. We met in Rwanda. I have visited in his home and spent time with he and his wife Shirley in PA. He visits me each time he comes to Rwanda. 

New friends are to be treasured Susan is new to Rwanda and a delight. It was so good to greet Boyd again and meet Susan for the first time.

Rebecca visited Urukundo before with (Home Girl) Valli Meeks and returned bringing friends with her.

Thank you, Rebecca. Come back soon.

Visiting students Rebecca Salzman, Patrick Van Meter, and Michael Klauser from University of Maryland School of Dentistry

Mama and Baby House

Twin boys this time.



Four of the 12 new babies born in July.

In closing, I leave you with this thought:

The vulnerable children of Rwanda and the world.

Opportunity is what they need. Your love. Their lives, Our world, You can make a difference.

Your most appreciated gift can be sent to the address below or use the Donate button at the upper right-hand corner of the screen:

Hope Made Real
PO Box 3222
Williamsport, PA. 17701

Much love,

Mama Arlene
Urukundo Foundation/Hope Made Real

Help make their world a better place.