May 2016 Newsletter

The month of May has been a month of disasters and good events in Muhanga town and Urukundo village. In a land where water is so critical you would not expect too much rain to be a problem. Rain which is so precious here is a blessing when it comes slowly but with the force of the water from the tops of the mountains with no channel to divert the water whole villages are destroyed. Praise God Urukundo is safe. Retaining walls you helped us build have made a difference for us. Small homes have no retaining walls so are at the mercy of the weather.

Two weeks after flood and mud slides no houses in views.

Hard to believe.

Oswald’s home is in direct line for the next heavy rain. His walls are already broken and the foundation is weak. The government has declared the area of his home not safe. The homeowners must move out. Many neighbors have already gone.

Many of his neighbors have lost their homes. His is really too dangerous to live in but his family has no place to go. To know your house will be washed away with mud and water the next rainstorm is frightening. There is no warning. The storm and water come from the top of the mountain rushing down destroying every thing in it path.

In our area alone 9 people died and 73 homes were totally destroyed along with everything in the home. Families are in need. Urukundo received an appeal from the District to help care for the needs of these families.

Food and clothing are needed. Helping our neighbors is critical.

We responded as best we could.

Our donation:

  • A bin of adult cloths and blankets
  • A bin of children’s cloths
  • 3 Jerry cans of cooking OIL
  • Vegetables will be added when collection truck comes to pick up

Because you care we can share. Thank you.

Mama and Baby

What an amazing ministry the Mama and Baby program has become. We never know what direction the Lord may take us until it happens. Not only are we able to help mamas and babies but also we are reaching the siblings of families who are in need in our community after mama has given birth.

Mamas are as concerned for the other children at home as they are for themselves and the newborn. I thank God for the supply of clothing coming to Urukundo because you care. We are able to care for our own and do an outreach.

It is not possible to put pictures of all the babies and Mamas in the newsletter. We will keep you updated as to the number of Mamas we care for each month.  This little one is number 15 for the month of May.


Winning School team and coach John Paul. It is great when our own can come back as teachers. JP has been with us since 2008. First as part of our family and then big brother to the younger kids and now as our Physical Education teacher at Urukundo Learning Center. We are proud of him and his accomplishments.


Old ceiling in the kitchen

Smoke and poor ventilation in the kitchen makes the ceiling black and slowly destroys the panels. A gift of panels from Aziza Life and our good friend Tom McGregor enabled us to remove the old ceiling and replace it. Now our challenge is to find an exhaust fan in Kigali city, build a hood for over the cooking area and have ventilation that removes the smoke. It will be beneficial not only for the building it’s self but for the workers in our kitchen. Smoke is dangerous. We need a safer environment for our workers.

Ceiling looking good.

Bill, our visitor & Benji, our maintenance person are collaborating to construct a hood to channel the smoke out a ventilator hole.

Special Gifts from Special Children

Good friends, Natalie and Nikolas Aucoin gave up birthday gifts to give the Urukundo Kids a very special treat.

Yogurt is a favorite and having a yogurt party in mama’s house was the best gift ever.


This party was a surprise and enjoyed by all the children.

Sewing Center

The sewing center received a suitcase full of much needed materials. We are so grateful for these donations. The team from Waverly Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, Pa, USA were kind enough to bring 8 suitcases with needed supplies to Urukundo village. In these suitcases were School supplies, Sewing supplies, New born items and special dresses for little girls. How blessed we are. Thank you everyone who helped Mama Arlene, Carol and the team from Pittsburgh collect and deliver all to Urukundo in Rwanda.

Amy Dove had the honor of delivering the gifts to the sewing Center

To show her appreciation for the delivery Teresa the manager and head teacher at the Sewing Center gave Amy a lesson on the sweater knitting machine.

Amy assures us it is not as easy as it looks.

Great looking, hard working team.


The 10 person team from Waverly Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh were such a welcome team. All but one (Bill) worked at the school, Bill worked with Benjiman, our handy man in painting, repair, and construction. Bob the team leader and Ellen set up the ICDL computer lab which will have a big impact on the future of our school and the community. Virginia, Amy, Ellen, Tawna unpacked suitcases and sorted clothes for better accessibility.  Our store looks so organized. Thank you ladies.

Jim, John & Eleanor were into sports particularly baseball.

Hey, they are from Pittsburgh and the Pirates are Mama’s favorite team! Greatest sport ever especially when you know Mama is from Williamsport, PA THE HOME OF LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL.

Dr. Mary helped out with baseball, visited the local birthing place and spent precious time with Diescor our aspiring Doctor in the medical clinic. What encouragement she gave this young man in his career choice.


Anitha competing with many others in the local running competition in Muhanga District came in #1 and was given a slot to run in the International Marathon in Kigali City. With 100 others running Anitha came in #6. Great job Anitha.  Our Urukundo family is proud of you.

You are invited

15 days left to meet the challenge.

In case, you meant to accept and help match the $10,000 donation TIME IS RUNNING OUT.

Let’s make it a true match for completing the construction on the P5 and P6 classrooms.

Thank you to all who have met the challenge with a gift to help us get the full $10,000.