November 2016 Newsletter

November started out great but went down hill in the middle of the month.

Why?  Mama got very sick. A urinary tract infection, kidney stones, and a stone in the gall bladder did a number on yours truly. I landed in the hospital. One good thing that occurred was during this was my daughter, Patricia.  Patricia flew to Rwanda to be at my bedside. That was the best possible medicine. After 6 days in the hospital and some improvement, I was able to come home to continue my medication and recovery. The recovery has been slow.  I am not yet back to normal but I am working on it everyday.

Even though her visit was short, Patricia visited Urukundo Village.

Claudine and Patricia playing a match game.


Urukundo School.


Gitarama Birthing Center


Kyles’ last day was spent playing foote ball with the kids in the front yard.


Urukundo Learning Center celebrated it's 5th graduation. 

It was a wonderful event. Here are a few highlight.

Our Graduates Forever, Soso and Isaah.


Proud father

Benjamin (our Maintenance Manager)’s child, Chuzuzo was in the graduating class.


Diplomas given the class                    


Urukundo hosted a two women team from GEI. The purpose was to interview teachers who had experienced the Drama teaching program formerly presented by Drew Cohn and the team from Buffalo Collage, Buffalo New York. Many of you will remember when the Anne Frank Project first came to Urukundo Learning Center and how successful it was. Theogin and Remy–Paul were the teachers chosen to meet with Kate and Solange and take part in the interview. Thank you teachers for giving up your Sunday to be a part of this worthwhile project.

Theogin, Kate, Solange, Remy-Paul


Olive Kate, Solange, Kyle


School progress

The new furniture for Primary 5 arrived and is waiting to be placed.


Our kids have this month and next as a long holiday from school. They are having fun just being together, playing soccer in my front yard and doing other fun things.

Johnny has a new puzzle.  It is a map of the United States. Combining fun with Geography.


Birthday party at the Day Care


Prince and Soso building with magnets.


Photo Gallery


Hope you enjoyed the Gallery also hope I did not miss any of the children.


Another visitor Callie Scott from Pittsburgh, PA took part in the Graduation.

Kyle, Mama, Callie

Learning Pathway

New stone on path. 

Urukundo kids and Urukundo Foundation wishes all our friends and sponsors:

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2017