September 2016 Newsletter

September has been a busy month at Urukundo.

The final inspection of our Dental Clinic took place. Representatives from the district, and the Hospital approved our facility and the report went to the Minister of Health in Kigali. Such a process. It has been two years from beginning to final approval.  We now have final approval and the second chair will be in later this month.

Some requirements we were ask to consider.  Considered and completed.  Added expense not in the budget. Wow, just like home.  Funding needed of course. 


White walls instead of blue.   Of course, I liked the blue.  White it is.

Tile on the entrance porch.  Babe protecting the new tile.

Chairs instead of benches in the waiting room. These are chairs, we bought for the worship Center. Who would have known how many ways we would use them.

A sink for washing hands between patients. This was an essential improvement.

Two desks with room for computer and each has a drawer. The drawer was a must. Our carpenter built them sturdy.

A Registration desk with drawer and computer space.

Making it official.  Our in-house dentist, Olivier.  She has a beautiful smile!

Our head dentist, his name is Gabriel. 

You met him last month in the newsletter.  We are so blessed to have such well-qualified partners in Dentistry.

Speical Event

A very special wedding took place.

Vestine planned her dowry so that Urukundo’s kids could walk to the celebration and so all could attend.  The kids were delighted.  Vestine is Manager of the Nursery.


The Beautiful bride!


Learning Center News

A sports event took place.

For the first time the Learning Center kids have official clothes FOR SPORTS DAY

Our P4 Urukundo kids were first to model the sportswear. ALL STUDENTS wear these outfits on Wednesday & Friday. These days are sports day at the school.

Saves wear and tear on school uniforms and gives the kids a change of clothes.  They like it.


Nelly, Aline, Luki, and Claude are modeling new sports clothes. Handsome group!


Five students; Teta, Gaele, Kivine, Killia, and Eveline showing off a bit. Love it.


Urukundo kids ready to do sports. The little ones not in aqua go to school in the afternoon.  Olive and Jenny join the group picture. Neither are students. Jenny will start preschool in January 2017. How fast the kids grow.


Just Plain Fun

Playtime is exciting. Egide received gifts to share from his sponsor.

The kids loved making the rockets fly and chasing them.  The rockets are soft foam and return to the earth with no danger to any one when landing. We have an open field with no trees or buildings to capture the rockets. All ages can play. Great exercise.


New Rocket game. Foot power makes it work and even the babies can make the rockets go up in the sky.


Benita, Jason, Soso, Kavine, and Jacob to name a few.

Educational Play

Crazy Forts consists of balls with holes and tubes that fit in the holes.

Architects and builders of tomorrow.  What fun!


Building a castle.  Amazing gift!



Kaboss had special visitors in September.

Robert, Diane, Kaboss, and Bill.  Thank you for caring. You three made his day special.

Our boy Kaboss and two people who love him very much. Diane & Bill Currier.

Some Sadness

It really is not so bad but it seemed so at the time. Margie and I shed tears. The Krogh’s, Margie and Bruce who have been in Rwanda for several years have returned to live in the US. It was good to have them here and to have a place of refuge when I needed a friend who spoke and understood English.

This is not good-bye because Bruce will be working in Rwanda and Margie will return from time to time.

Enjoy your family in the US Margie and Bruce. Your family in Rwanda will miss you.  

They took me out to lunch as a farewell gesture. How nice.


Medical Emergency eyes are valuable. Protect them!  Kenlia learned this the hard way.


Innocent math tool very dangerous in the hands of a child. Kenila now has a hole in her eye. Pray for healing.


Urukundo has its first Social Service intern. 

Providence comes to us from University of Technology and Arts Of Byumba (UTAB). 


We weclome Providence!  She will spend a month with us.

Lambert is a student at Kabgayi Catholic University in Muhanga and comes to volunteer with the kids.  He volunteers two days a week on Monday and Wednesday.

His love for our children is his motivation. The kids return his love.

Learning Pathway Stones

This stone is in honor of a very special group of women in State College, Pennsylvania.

Women of Faith, Hope, and Love


A personal appeal.  October and November are the months Urukundo and friends gather in love to support the vulnerable children in our community.

THIS GIFT COMES TO URUKUNDO IN DECEMBER.  Give a Christmas gift that will continue to give and make a difference for a child’s lifetime.

Your donation provides support for many children to go to school and places them on the path to education that is so needed to make a better life.

Please open your hearts and yes, your purse strings and help us help the children to have the education they deserve and need to build a better future.

Send a check indicating your gift is a donation for education. GIVE TO THE EDUCATION FUND.

Thank you for caring and sharing

Mama Arlene

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