December 2015 Newsletter

December started off in November, somehow our months run together.

Construction on enlarging the dining room is under way.  We hope to have it finished in three weeks. Our girls had to vacate the building because of dust, dirt of construction. They moved into the guesthouse and my house. Now they aren’t sure they want to move back into their house when the work is completed.  Moving the dining room into the boy’s house made it necessary to move devotions in the evenings to Mama’s house. The kids love the moves. It is a nice change for them but I am glad it is not permanent.

Before work began

Work underway

Finished product with new paint job.  My favorite color blue. 
View from boys house

View from Nursery.

A New Addition to Our Family

It has been our motivation to only take abandoned babies at Urukundo. Well guess what more than babies are being abandoned especially children with special needs. Should we turn them away? No, I cannot. Urukundo Must have room when called on to be of special service.
God has sent us another child who needs love and special care. She has come to the right place.  She was abandoned first by her mother and her father later walked away. Alone is a scary place to be.

Her name is Chantel. She is 15. Chantel is new to Urukundo. To be abandoned at age 15 is heartbreaking. We welcome this lovely girl as part of our Urukundo Family. Chantel is diabetic with eye problems. With proper diet and insulin she is improving every day.

Do you want to help? Chantel needs a sponsor. We need your help to care for this dear child with special needs.

Birthday For Mama

Tradition for a birthday celebration in Rwanda calls for placing a Banana tree at the location.
I was honored to have my very own Banana tree to celebrate my 85th birthday.

Secretary Jullette, Exec. Director Jean Marie, and Head Master I’rene; sat at the head table with me.

Children gathered to help in the celebration.



Table on the floor. It works.


Concert at Urukundo Learning Center

We were honored to be able to present a concert with such special talent from Germany for our kids and the community.  Our schools of music kids were a part of the performers.  Claude loves his violin.

Music students from our school took part.

Christmas as Urukundo Village

Big sisters Divine and Annet teach how to make decorations.

A special Christmas gift to us.

Christmas Parties at Hope House

Staff and their children, some community children and our children made for a large gathering on Tuesday afternoon. Juice, Fanta,  and Sumbose were served and small gifts were given.

More Community kids came on Wednesday. This was the designated day for them. The movie showing was Madagascar. The African animals in it are great. If you haven’t seen it, please do so. It is a fun movie for children and adults.

The large screen TV was so appreciated. Thank you Helen Kweskin!

Improvement at the Hope House

100 chairs made Christmas special. Benches are hard to set on and carry from the dining room to Hope house for every occasion. Now, we have real chairs. The chairs will be used for worship, weddings, and other special occasions. One person’s misfortune is a blessing for another.
A friend who intended to open a restaurant bought the chairs. Unable to reach his goal, he sold the chairs to Urukundo at half price. We thank him for his generosity.

Our kids testing the new chairs. They approve.

Worship Christmas Morning

Our little kids all grown up and home for Christmas. Their song added to the joy of Christmas.  Their presence is always a joy.

Those who didn’t make it home this Christmas include: Tresor, Lilliane, Solange, Lucie, Kevin, Claude, Fabrice, and Emanuel. We hope their Christmas was a good one filled with love. We miss them.

The Christmas program begins. I do not get a preview of this event so I am always surprised at what a wonderful presentation Anitha and the kids prepared. So much talent and ability.

The singers.

No room at the inn. Inn keeper, Claude.

The shepherds greet Mary.

Wisemen and star ready to arrive.

Mary & Joseph (Nelly & Cedric).  Benite steals the stage.

Gift time in the boy’s house

Jenette (Jenny)

Alexander & Jason
Donald Duck is Jason’s favorite character.

To all who helped make this Christmas special I say THANK YOU.

Developments at the Learning Center

Primary 4 classrooms are ready for students. Thanks to the Van Dolsen Family, AIC (African International Club) who paid for desks and chairs and so many others.  Thanks to Felix and his construction crew.

Thanks to WOF and my friend, Ruth Cox for the new toliets. Cosmetic work yet to be done.



Molly Abramson, who works at the Swedish Embassy paid us a visit. Molly brought friends and family along. Our kids and their kids had a great play time. We do hope they come back for more play.

We at Urukundo Village hope you all had a wonderful Christmas celebrating Jesus birthday and that your New Year will be prosperous and filled with Love. Remember our children in your prayers.

Thank you for a wonderful 2015. We are blessed because you care.


In closing, I leave you with this thought:

The vulnerable children of Rwanda and the world.

Opportunity is what they need. Your love. Their lives, Our world, You can make a difference.

Your most appreciated gift can be sent to the address below or use the Donate button at the upper right-hand corner of the screen:

Hope Made Real
PO Box 3222
Williamsport,PA. 17701

Much love,

Mama Arlene
Urukundo Foundation/Hope Made Real

Help make their world a better place.