Greetings from Mama in the US - April 2015

Greetings from Mama in the US.

What a wonderful visit so far. I arrived April 1st and was blessed with a few day to unwind in Pittsburgh with 2 of my daughters. I have had speaking events in Pittsburgh, State College, Kittanning, Hughesville, Jersey Shore, Avis and I am only 21 days into the journey.  It is not work. It is a pleasure to share about my Urukundo family in Rwanda with my Urukundo family throughout the US.

The newsletter this month will be a bit different. I am so grateful to Carol Falke for being willing to share information about the school and the progress we are making in education at the Urukundo Learning Center. Please read the newsletter and visit her Blog. I am sure she would appreciate comments and questions from our readers.

I look forward to seeing many more of you as I travel and share from my heart.


Welcome to Our School!