Our Family Grows

This newsletter is hard to write. My heart is aching for this little girl who has been left alone in this world. I thank God that there is Urukundo (love) here in this place. I am grateful to all of you who make it possible for us to reach out and give this child a home where she will know she is loved and cared for.

This beautiful little girl has joined the Urukundo Family. We are happy that we are here to offer a safe haven to this child in need.

Her story is a sad one. Her mama was our neighbor and friend. Betty was a single parent with two small children - a 3 year old and a 1 year old. Betty died quite suddenly a few weeks ago leaving her two little girls. The day we buried Betty, her 3 year old also died. The deaths were not related but both were tragic. It was necessary to go through the proper channels to bring the 1 year old to Urukundo. The paper work is completed and she is here and has a home where she is loved.