Visitors this Month

The Buck family - Mom Sally, Dad Chris, sons Jacob and Sam were visitors for 4 days this month. Jacob’s friend Johnathan May came with them. Moses, their Rwandan friend, made the group complete. Moses taught at devotions, the boys and Mom worked at the Preschool and Sam, Dad and Moses helped with a painting project at the Boys' Home. They were a great crew.

We were honored that Pastor Boyd and Shirley shared their visitors with Urukundo in August.  Their special delight was a visit from their son Matt. I am happy to be included in this family.

Three pals. Friends forever. UK, Rwanda, Germany.

Vincent returned to University in Uganda.

Chris is returning to England on August 30. Chris worked at the schools and taught Karate when the teacher was absent.

Lennart and his guitar are leaving for his home in Germany after an extended stay.

We will miss him especially at devotions where he played guitar and sang for the kids and for me. I am partial to guitar and singing young men, as my son Ted was such a man in his youth. He still plays and sings for me when I am home in the US.