This Month's Visitors

Bill Graf from Colorado, USA first visited Urukundo in 2007. He was with me when we started to clear the land for the chicken farm. It really was a jungle then. He found it quite different now. This is his third visit.

Pastor Alexi from Kigali accompanied him. We were happy to welcome both.

Chris Bailey from UK teaching Karate in the absence of our regular teacher.

Chris has been volunteering in the school, at Hope House and at devotions. He came June 26 and will leave us August 3. He will hate to see him go.

Come back soon Chris!

The kids had a birthday surprise for volunteer Lennart Westmark from Germany.

He was surely surprised. Lennart plays guitar and sings at devotions, He is very talented and sings in German. He teaches in our music program.

Vincent from Rwanda is here for 2 months. He is a third year student in Uganda and is here to learn from Urukundo about what volunteers do when they come to work with us. Vincent is working at the school library, He teaches English, takes part in devotions and works with our P2 kids in reading English. He is an asset to our foundation and is loved by the kids.

Talia, our sister from the US, has been a visitor each summer since she was 14 years old. Talia is a second year student at Penn State University. She is so much a part of our family. She is holding Jason in the picture.

Talia left for the US today, July 26,2014. We look forward to her return next summer.

Talia is ending her yearly visit earlier than we would like. She had only one day to spend with the older kids. Her new love is Jason.

The four young people who have been with us have not only participated in all the activities taking place but added programs of their own. It was good for us and for them to be here for an extended time. They surely are loved at Urukundo Home and Learning Center.

When you add the youth from AEE to these four long term you know how blessed we are.