More March Volunteers

Carol Falke & Marilyn Ely arrived on schedule bringing many books and teaching plans share with our teachers. As volunteers they have a very heavy schedule planned. Others on their team will join them on March 21st.

We are so blessed by their presence.

Many many suitcases, some with books.  Pounds of books arrived with Carol and Marilyn.  Gifts from those who value the library in our Learning Center.

When books arrive they are cataloged into our system on the computer and then added to the shelves in the library. We thank Marilyn for entering them all into the computer.

Teachers check out the books and place them in the right categories.

Another volunteer arrived. 

Meredith Lu came home for too short a visit. Meredith just finished her nursing program at Johns Hopkins Hospital and is now a Registered Nurse. She is going for her Masters but came home for a visit first. Congratulations Meredith from a proud Mama and the Urukundo Kids. Visiting the kids at Gasogi Secondary School was a treat for them and also for her.

Welcome home Meredith. Next time stay longer.

Spending quality time with the kids.