Laura Rowland from Pittsburgh, Pa, USA arrived February third and will be with us for three months. Laura is working with the teachers in the preschool in both the morning and afternoon sessions. Teachers and helpers are needed.  Laura is doing a first rate job.

In late afternoon she helps with the children at dinned and joins them for devotions. We are blessed to have this young woman at Urukundo Village.

Visitor from Burundi

Nadine’s visit was a return trip. She visited us in 2009 while still a student. She has finished that period of her life and came back to see the kids she knew in 2009. Of course that did not happen because like her, their lives have moved on and they were all at boarding school. She now has a whole new family of children at Urukundo, all under 7 years of age. She will come back in April when the older kids come home from school.

Nadine playing with Nursery kids at play time.

Diane and Soso. Quite an armful.

Visitors from Canada and the US

A wonderful mixed team from Canada and the US paid a very short visit to Urukundo. Their main purpose was to visit the school and see the Dental Initiative firsthand. This was Misty and Debbie's second visit. They were here in 2012 and found the changes rather interesting. Janet and Mariah visited for the first time. It was a fast 2 hours but a delightful one.