Progress Report

In November’s newsletter I shared with you the joy a gift from a dear friend REV. MARJORIE GLASCOW after she departed this life made and how it allowed another HOPE to be MADE REAL.

Pictures of the house and the land purchased from the gift she wished Urukundo to receive are in November’s newsletter

Renovation to make the house part of the school started at once.

The HOUSE OF CULTURE will soon be a reality.

The Inspection Team.

General Foreman: Mr. David.

LANCE GASKILL Our music & Art consultant.

Day two. Outside walls came down.

Bricks are salvaged for later use. Claude is foreman on this job.

Olivier hard at work.

Tresor and John Paul are good at demolition on the wall.  We are blessed with young men who are not afraid of hard work.

Luki joined the brick brigade.

Holes began to appear and the dust was awful. Facemasks were borrowed from the Dental Imitative.  This sure helped the breathing problem.

Bathrooms dismantled.

The work goes on. More in the January Newsletter.