The Story Behind the Cast and Crutches

Not my best moment.

The fateful day was September 15.

I had sent my driver to get two of our kids from the Kigali library. Setting in my parked car in a hillside parking lot slight movement on my left side gave me the thought that the car next to mine was moving. It took a second to realize it was my car moving. I could not reach the brake and my reaction was to get out of the car before it went over the bank and turned over. Not good thinking but a gut reaction.

I opened the car door and managed to get out of the moving car. The open door pushed me to the ground. I lost my footing and was dragged.  I was able to pull my body out from under the car but just before I would have been free my foot caught on a raised curb and I could not move.  The left front tire pinned my right foot to the curb.

I twisted my body trying to get free. I think I resembled a pretzel.

It took 6 strong young men to push the car off of my foot and free me.

Funny I felt no pain until after the car was moved. Then it hurt a lot.

I am so blessed. It could have been much worse. It's October 24 and the cast is off. The foot looks good.

I am back in full service in time for the graduation. Praise God.

Soso made his own crutches to walk like Mama.How very inventive!