Vitamin Time

How exciting to get up in the morning and eat a Lion, Hippo or an Elephant, all in different flavors and then to get a hug from Mama!
A great way to start a day for the kids and for me.
I think the very best news are the facts. Thanks to all of you who collected vitamins and sent then, and to those who gave them to me to bring home in my luggage.  It is gratifying to see results when you and I have put forth a combined effort. I am so happy to share with you who helped us with Vitamins.
The kids come to my room every morning. This is a two-fold blessing. They come for VITAMINS and I get to check on each of them. Our children are doing well. We have fewer colds, runny noses and sick days. We are passing through the second rainy season and I am sure it is the vitamins that are making the difference. 
Pictured below is the check off book. Each child's name is in the book and I keep a record each day as to who got their vitamin. With 20 kids and one Mama it is not possible to remember who did or did not get the vitamin so Mama's book and Janet's pen are vital to the process. Each kid has his favorite animal and would gladly have more than one vitamin a day just to eat the animal!
What a surprise for me to discover the vitamins are animals the kids know live in Africa.
During my visit in Williamsport my daughter-in-law Janet gave me a flowered pen. The kids loved the pen and it is the only one used to mark off who got the vitamins. Not only do they bring the vitamin bottle to me but they also bring the book and Janet's pen.  The kids know where their name is in the book. Thank you Janet the pen is great fun.