Visitors of the Month

Kyle Jerro is here on his fourth visit in two years. Kyle is working on his PHD from  University of Texas in Austin. Kyle says he is home when he at Urukundo. He truly is a member of the Urukundo family. He will be with us until after Christmas when he will return to Texas to finish his education.  Kyle is a Linguist and while here he is teaching the Mamas a class in English. He is a hero to the kids. First question from the kids when they come to play is "Where is Kyle?
Short term visitors
Melanie Kiendl and Judith Kampe visited Urukundo.
Both young women are medical students from Germany. Their visit was short but such a pleasure.
(left) Judy      (right) Melanie
Mama Francois & kids pose for pictures with Melanie & Judy.  Kids love to have pictures taken.
Mama joined the group.