News from the Farm

June brought a wonderful team from State College to the children's farm - Joanne, Paul, Kira and Dave.

They worked wonders at the farm. The silage project included farmers from the community.
What a team!
The Agriculture Team enjoyed the children and worked very hard making improvements on the farm.
Paul with double trouble - Agide and Kenny.
Two Davids - best buddies.
Project Chicken Tiller
This tiller house for chickens is on wheels and can be easily moved. it is my understanding that it is not only good for the chickens but fertilizes the land for future planting.
The chickens are happy. They like scratching in the dirt.
The kids think the new house for chickens is great.
Claude and Becca inspecting the new project. They approve.
Project Pigs
The children at Saint Pauls UMC State College Sunday School class made buying our kids a new male pig their project.
With the money they collected we were able to purchase a male and also a female pig. Our kids at Urukundo send their thanks!
(Date on the camera is acting up again).
Kids inspect the new papa pigs.
The boys walked with me on my morning inspection - Soso and Claude peer in at the fence opening.