Mama and the Visiting Dentist

About two years ago I broke a front tooth. Many of you know my passion for hard pretzels. A kind friend sent me a bag of them and yes, that is how the tooth was broken. With 45 kids needing dental care there was just not enough financing for me to go to the dentist.
"Well, I thought that was a good excuse for not going".
Again, God did not agree so the dentist came to me - Dr. Rickmeyer from Arizona, Dr. Drew Cahoon from Canada, Dr. Moses from Rwanda, dental students Eulaude and Kizito, Misty Reberger and Pam Nichols and finally Dr. Bryan Murray.
So you see dentists just kept popping up! Claude was treated and healed. Cecelia received two root canals, Anett had two teeth removed in preparation for dental work for a severe overbite and others were treated. Still I continued to ignore my need to visit the dentist. 
Seems dentistry was in my future, like it or not. I am one of those people who break out in a cold sweat at the mention of the dentist if it applies to me. I send the kids and tell them how wonderful the dentist is and how we must not eat too much candy and brush our teeth and they love Dr. Rick and Dr. Drew who come to visit us on a regular basis. Well, at least once a year.
Dr. Drew brought two special visitors to Urukundo, Dr. Byron Murray and his wife Janet from Alberta, Canada. The two doctors decided I needed to have some dental care as a good example for the kids. Sure, they knew how to maneuver me into the dentist chair at a local clinic where my tooth could be repaired. Like so many things "for my own good" I was not happy but I kept the appointment. Either dentistry has come a long way or I have matured because there was absolutely no pain and the tooth is beautiful and repaired and I can smile again. It is wonderful.

Janet Murray is a seamstress by vocation and is coming back to Urukundo to help teach in our sewing Center.