Seems the most difficult thing for our visitors to do is to leave the children. Real attachments take place.
Abigail who said she never cries was in tears as she left the kids and Urukundo with the promise that she would be back.  The kids want to know when.
They are doing the exercises and Gymnastics and using the hula hoops as she taught them. 
It is so funny seeing them doing hand stands against the walls  and cartwheels in the garden.  In Rwanda "the garden" is the lawn not a place where we plant and grow seeds.

Visitors from Austria at the preschool 
Otto Fischer and his team spent an overnight at Urukundo following their trip to the source of the Nile. 
The men find the seats at the school a bit small for long legs.
Otto is a yearly visitor to Urukundo. Many of you will remember he is the Veterinarian who operated on Daisy's eye several years ago.  We look forward to his visit each year about this time. 
Otto's new camera takes great pictures.
Secondary Students and teacher from Green Hills Academy paid Urukundo Village and Learning Center a visit  in October. We were sorry our secondary kids were not at home to exchange ideas with this group.
They were most welcome.