From the Farm

Christmas dinner for the Urukundo Family. These turkeys are a gift from Bruce and Margie Krogh and family. I really like buying them at the supermarket already dressed or undressed how ever you look at it. I don't like getting to know the birds on a first name basis. Oh the life of a farmer.
Bruce and Margie Krogh and some of their family from the US  are going to spend Christmas with the children at Urukundo. The Krogh family have taken Urukundo on as their Christmas project and are making Christmas special for our kids. We are so excited!
Urukundo's kids are preparing a program to present to our guests.
There will be a time of worship, the children will present songs of the seasons and a play about the arrival of the Christ Child.
They are practicing "AWAY IN A MANGER", "JINGLE BELLS", "HAVE A JOLLY HOLLY CHRISTMAS" and a few others. Such fun.
Jenny will play the baby in the presentation as Jacob at 10 months old would object, much like Johnny did several years ago. Johnny is five now.
Pictures will be in the December Newsletter and some on Facebook.