A note for those who are new

and for those who may need a reminder of who we are and why we are in Rwanda.

Urukundo Foundation is a 'Not for Profit' association serving the vulnerable children in Cyeza Sector, Muhanga District, South Province, Rwanda, Africa.

The need for affordable education for orphans, abandoned and very poor children in Rwanda is critical. Urukundo Foundation and Urukundo Learning Center under the Umbrella of Hope Made Real & Spiritworks Inc. in the United States is building such a school  system.

These are just a few of the children you are helping to go to primary school.

For your consideration and supporting love:

Having established Urukundo Learning Center we now have even greater outreach to the children in the community and the country.  Urukundo Learning Center includes Phase #1 of the Cyakabiri Preschool Project.  This has 3 completed classrooms and presently serves 150 children with a staff of 6 plus a crossing guard, a night guard and a maintenance man.

Phase #2 primary grades 1 and 2, each with two classrooms, is completed and 94 students will be attending classes in 2014.  In addition we have 2 rooms for library, music and art. The primary school at present has three teachers and a security man at night. We need to employ 3 more teachers for year 2014.

The project at present is to construct and equip 8 more primary classrooms. In time this school will include all 6 elementary grades with 2 rooms for each grade. 

Your help is needed.  Urukundo owns the land free and clear needed for this project. Your gift will be used to help construct and equip the necessary classrooms. We believe every child should be given the opportunity to learn to read and write and reach his or her potential. Each child is unique. Our purpose is to provide educational opportunities for children in need and equip them with moral values to become independent, productive citizens. 

Would you consider giving a gift for education? A gift that will change the life of many children and the future of a country. This is a far-reaching gift, a gift that has no end. It will keep on giving. 

Gifts for Urukundo Home for Children and the children of the community can be sent to:

HOPE MADE REAL PO Box 3222, Williamsport PA 17701

SPIRITWORKS INC 301 Overdale Road, Pittsburgh PA 15221

SAINT JOHNS/NEWBERRY 2101 Newberry Street, Williamsport PA 17701

All are 501(c)(3) non-profits and donations are tax deductible in the US. 

Thank you on behalf of all the kids at Urukundo Home and Learning Center for your consideration.

Arlene D Brown

Founder Hope Made Real

Director Urukundo Foundation

Urukundo Learning Center

Muhanga, Rwanda