January Greetings from Urukundo Village and Learning Center

January started off with a bang.  After Christmas our kids went to visit extended family and so New Year was a bit quiet, but there was celebration in the boys' house when the New Year came in. However 2013 arrived with no help from me. I and the little ones thanked the Lord for our blessings and went to bed about 8pm. The older kids and mamas ushered in the new year with juice, sumbosa, donuts and a movie on VHS. I think it was 'The Lion King'.
Welcoming the 45th child into our family on January 4 was an unexpected pleasure. He will need a sponsor. If you're interested, please get in touch  arlene@hopemadereal.org

Waiting for the results of the National Exams and school assignments was a bit tense. How you preform in the exam determines where you can apply for further education. There was so much activity as we searched for Secondary Schools for 23 kids. Changing schools was not as traumatic as I had thought. It amazes me how these children adjust to what ever the circumstances and keep a positive attitude.

With all the secondary kids gone back to school our house hold is very different. The time had come to move our 4, 5,and 6 year olds from the nursery into the big kids' house. They think that is great. It is much like a graduation and the criteria for such a move is no Invura (rain) in the bed at night. The boys have a bigger problem with that than the girls. I seem to remember that from when my kids were little. Then, I was dealing with one at a time. Now I am dealing with 11. They really want the move so the incentive is there and they are doing well. All but two are moved and they will move soon. The nursery will then have
four babies, Jacob, Kavine Nelly, Diane, and Soso.

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