Community Education

Women in Rwanda want to learn English!

Urukundo Foundation will sponsor them.

  • Women gather for the first meeting to learn more about ESL classes just for them.
  • This proect is co-sponsored by AKILAH INSITUTE FOR WOMEN.
  • The project is for mother with small children who want to learn English but have no funds for classes or funds for babysitters.
  • The class is free with babysitting available for the small children while the mothers are in class.
  • The new playground at the nursery will be a real blessing for these small children and our kids. 'RAISED HANDS FOR AFRICA', a not for profit in North Carolina, is constructing this play area for our children and children in the community.  This may be the introduction to a day care center for working mothers.  This day care center has been in the vision from the beginning but the time has not been right. 
  • We will need to hire day helpers to care for the children of the mamas in the ESL classes and keep them busy.
  • There is no telling where God is leading us.

If you are looking for a project to support this is a very worthwhile. Your support would be a great gift to many!