Visitors for April

Lycee and his family paid us a visit. Many of you will remember this young man as the bicycle champion with one leg.
Lycee lost his leg as a young boy to a land mine. He is amazing as he competes in bicycle races on a regular bike against others with two legs and wins the competitions. I've been proud to call him my friend since 2002, and he is a true friend to all of us here at Urukundo.
We welcomed Dr. Otto Fischer from Austria and the children from Verein Future for Kids – Zukunft für Kinder in Ruanda.
We had a wonderful time and his kids challenged our kids to a dance competition next time we get together.
Mama with Vincent (l) and Otto (r).
Visitors from Canada
Valeria Gagne and her mom Diane came for a day and returned to spend two more days at Urukundo and its kids.
Charlotte, another daughter, is coming to volunteer at Urukundo Foundation for an month starting June 8 and Mama was checking us out. We got a 5 star rating I think.
They bought a stone to be added to  the PATH TO LEARNING. while they were here.
During the school break from where she works, Amy Milkus, who is a very special person, came to work with us at Cyakabiri School. She worked very hard helping us prepare the new classrooms for the new students. Amy Milkus  is a tutor at Maranyundo Girls School in Nyamata, Rwanda. During the two weeks she was here she taught English as a second language to our Primary students and helped our teachers improve their English. After doing all this she found time to play with the toddlers in the nursery. Thank you Amy. The children miss you!