Vincent's Journey to the USA

April 19th saw the start of Vincent's trip to the USA.
The kids helped load his luggage.

Last minute instructions 
Vincent is presently business administrator at Urukundo Foundation working with Felicitie, our home administrator.
Oscar in the picture is helping out while Vincent seeks further training in school administration in the USA.
Trip in trouble already! The car would not start so our guys came to the rescue and they pushed.  It started.  I think we need a new battery.

Nice down hill grade pushing worked this time.   Vincent is on his way.
We received word that Vincent arrived safely and is staying with his hosts Carol & Steve Falke in State College, Pa. 
Vincent's journey is to better equip him as administrator for our Urukundo Learning Center of which Cyakabiri Preschool is the beginning phase. The next phase is the Primary School. With help we hope to open the first class rooms in the primary school for the January 2013 term. God in Charge.
Please notice the lovely Snap Dragons along the wall. These seeds were sent to us by flower lovers in the US. Once planted they continue to grow and spread. We have no killing winter frost. Thank you flower people. You make our land more beautiful.

Other seeds needed:
Romaine lettuce, pickle cucumbers (I'm not sure about these - is there a special cucumber for pickling??).
Snow peas