Greetings from Mama Arlene and the Urukundo Family for April 2012

Greetings from Urukundo Foundation and Urukundo Learning Center. We continue to grow into a brighter future through education and love.
Remember to purchase your stone on the path to learning. Education is that path.
April 1st came and went with no one playing a joke on me. Guess it really is a US tradition.  The three weeks with all our kids home was a very busy time. Seventeen High School kids keep us busy and 12 toddlers and 3 babies kept them busy. It is nice to have so much help - and the kids do help.
Washing hands before and after meals is routine.
Claude and Johnny washing while Becca and Agide wait their turn.
Laundry is on going and a big part of the work day.
Our rain harvest tanks are a blessing. This tank outside the boys' house provides a lot of water. It cannot be used for drinking or cooking  but it can be used for clothes and flushing. This cuts down on our water costs as laundry for 43 kids and staff takes a lot of water.

The kids also cook. Chapati Saturday is a pleasure but peeling potatoes, green bananas, avocados, carrots, snapping beans and preparing other vegetables is just plain hard work. The peelings are kept and served to the animals. Nothing goes to waste.
Serving food in the dining room to kids and visitors who choose to eat with us is a delight and considered an honor. You have to be older to have this opportunity. Our visitors and kids help serve food for the little ones at meal time.
So you see being an older brother or sister in a big family is no easy task.