Greetings from Mama Arlene in Rwanda for March 2012

Hello from Urukundo Village, Mama & the Kids.
After returning from a holiday time with family in the US things are back to normal at Urukundo village.  The boys, Claude, Emmanuel and Luki wanted a picture with me and it did not turn out too bad so I am sending it on to all of you.
I do not do pictures well but the new hair do helps, and it does make life easier.



Ready to come home.  

We are thankful for her recovery and return home. Her lovely pink blanket was a gift from Lisa Carter in North Carolina, USA.

The kids love crawling through the tunnel and hiding in the tent.

Fun toys arrived for  the play area.  Would really like a sturdier set for outdoors. This one is great for the younger set.

Nancy teaching with shapes and sizes

Rocking chair is still a favorite for myself and Nancy Ohrig. our resident Nurse.
The day I have been anticipating has finally arrived. News hit the nursery that mama had candy and I am not sure who the rin leader was.  Maybe SOSO (his legs are short but he can travel)! They traveled en masse down the yard, past the kitchen and arrived in my bedroom looking for the candy. 
They were happy kids as you can see but the babies staying in the nursery is now a thing of the past. They are so beautiful.
The mamas were close behind and they also got candy. I am so grateful we were able to buy the problem house and close the alley so the children are safe to come to mama's house.