Water and Solar Pump Project : the Latest Update

So much has happened this month of February. I hope our readers are not asleep by now. We are so grateful to all our Urukundo friends and family - because of you, this is all made possible.  I stand and cheer for you and ask blessings for you.
The water project, with solar electricity is a dream come true for me and for the community.
Celebrate with us. The water is a gift from God. The ability to accomplish this work is a gift from those who want to make a difference. You have done that for this community and Urukundo Village in Rwanda, Africa. Please continue to keep us in prayer.
Our neighbors and friends came out to celebrate this occasion of WATER.
There are so many who made this possible. I hope saying Rotary International, Central Pennsylvania UMC members and friends is sufficient and covers everyone. Previous newsletters list each contributor.
Cutting the ribbon.
These brave souls hiked to the bottom to view the source of water.
The stone was too hard to mount the stone.  We did the best we could without drills.
Solar Panels and Rotary International emblem.
Young Rotarians touring Urukundo Village.