February Love Month


A Dental Clinic was held, supported by the love of Urukundo Foundation.  Doctor Richard Reckmeyer DDS, MBA of RURAL RWANDA DENTAL from Peoria, Arizona is a long time friend of Urukundo Kids and Mama Brown.  He came to Gitarama armed with tooth brushes and a story to tell about teeth and how good oral health means a healther body. Doctor Rick, along with a trainee, spoke and taught at Urukundo Village and 5 schools in the Muhanga District. We thank the District for working with Urukundo Foundation to make this possible.
First Dr. Rick worshipped with the Urukundo family.
Dental team : Misty, Deb, Doctor Rick & Denis.
Dental technician Deb at worship with the kids.
They then took a tour of Urukundo Village ending on top of the mountain where the boys had a great time fixing Rick's hair.
The top of the mountain.
The hard part for Misty - saying goodbye to Claude.
Love is plentiful at Urukundo Village.