Greetings from Mama Arlene in Rwanda for January 2012

Hello from Urukundo Village.
What a blessing it is to be home to warm weather. I love Pennsylvania but winter is not the time to visit there. Snow is beautiful from inside the house. Sunshine and warm is better. 
Yes, I am home with the children and what a joyful reunion it was. There were flowers everywhere. Hugs and tears from the older kids and staff and many knee hugs from the toddlers. I keep wanting to call them babies but truly they are toddlers. Even Soso has moved out of the baby category. His little legs let him travel fast.
After greetings the Kids gathered around me in my living room and sang "OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD" They prayed and thanked God for bringing me home to be with them.
A bouquet of flowers was handed to me.  These flowers grow on our land.
My bed room and Office door decoration.
The perfect Birthday present for my 81st birthday may sound a little strange, but for me it was such a pleasure when those who honored my birthday each came or sent a gift of Legos. This gift will be appreciated at Urukundo Village and at the Urukundo Learning center for years to come.
A special thanks to all who were a part of this wonderful celebration.
The Legos were moved from their wonderful containers into Zip Lock bags to make transporting easier. I thank my daughter Patricia for hosting the birthday party and for gathering and zip locking the Legos. Even after bagging, 2 large suitcases were needed to bring my treasures home.
Mama the teacher.
Checking the little book for directions. It takes a kid to deal with this. Adults find them interesting and difficult, including me. But we work it out. The Legos are a great learning tool dealing with colors, sizes, combinations and following picture directions. Every Mom, Dad and child should work on the project together. Both will learn patience.