Progress Report on the Water Project

 COFORWA has completed the first phase of the clean and accessible water project designated to benefit the community and in time Urukundo schools. 
The need for safe, clean water and a more easily available source for women and children was recognized by Park Forest UMC in State College, Pennsylvania. They served as ambassadors for Urukundo Village and the water project telling the story to others who joined with them in this worthwhile project. It became the project of a community of loving caring people. 
We are so grateful and give thanks.
Tank at the source of the water. More than 3/4 of the tank is below ground. This tank is fed by springs which do not dry up during the dry season and provide a constant source of water.
The second tank is along a road where the community can fetch water for their families.
Storage tank at the top of the mountain. Over half of this tank is also below the ground surface.
This completes Phase one.
Now Phase Two has started thanks to Rotarians Tom Nunnally, Maureen McMohan, Patricia Brown and Forest Hills Rotary Club of Pittsburgh, Pa. Hearing of our need for electricity to make the Water Project successful they decided this was a project Rotary could make happen. The Rotary Foundation, the Rotary Club of Forest Hills & the Kigali-Virunga Rotary Club of Kigali, Rwanda came together as a mighty force and clean safe water will be available to the Cyeza sector of Muhanga District.  The completion date is set for late October or early November. 
 The power was needed to get the water from the source at the bottom of the mountain to the holding tank at the top. 
It is awesome to see what can be done when caring people come together in a common cause.
Solar energy pumps will move the water up the mountain and gravity will send the water to the tank for the community and the tank for Urukundo schools and Village. It is wonderful that we have a constant supply of sun power!
Members of the community told the press: "This is a dream we never thought would happen"
Urukundo Foundation and Coforwa are blessed to be a part of this Hope Made Real.