Newest Member at Urukundo

Let me introduce you to Nelly. Nelly arrived at Urukundo and became a part of our family in September. Nelly has a mama who loves her but needs to get an education so that she can later care for her little girl. King David Academy is giving mama this opportunity and Urukundo is providing a safe and healthy environment with lots of brothers and sisters to keep her company while Nelly waits for her mom to prepare for a better future for both of them. Urukundo congratulates KDA for helping to make this possible and inviting Urukundo to be a part of it. Nelly is 5 years old and now attends Cyakabiri School in the afternoons. 
She is a happy little girl.
Nelly joins Belise, Alina Molly and Aline. They are now the "FABULOUS FOUR". They are now bunk mates and are taken care of by Auntie Betty. A very interesting combination. A bit lively and very precious.