The Cornerstone

The community, Urukundo Kids and staff, FBX and Coforwa gathered to witness and celebrate the beginning of a project that will give easy access and safe, clean water to the Urukundo Village and its surrounding community. Those benefitting most are the women, children and girls who traverse the steep mountain daily to get water for their family. Bringing the water to the top of the mountain is no easy task. One woman commented: 'This has been a dream for years and now it is becoming real.'  HOPE MADE REAL - and you are making it happen with gifts to HMR designated 'Water Project'.
Reservoirs will be built of stone, both at the source of the water and at the top of Cyakibiri Mountain. How special that the water will be placed in the center of Rwanda.  CYAKIBIRI translates as CENTER, and our mountain is at the heart of this beautiful country Rwanda. 
The challenge now is to secure the electricity for the pump, already included in the project plan. This was not included in the original cost estimate. The Lord will provide. You can help.  Make this dream and Hope Real!
In the photo
Representative of FBX (Madam in glasses, representative Damascene from COFORWA, myself and the Vice Mayor of Muhanga District.  We were honored by the Vice Mayor's presence.
Not sure if I am praying or singing both are appropriate for this momentous occasion. The Urukundo Kids are gathered behind Mama.
Vincent, our resident Papa (also Master of Ceremony) and Felicitie, resident Mama (in purple shawl) made the journey along with me to the bottom of the mountain. Coming down was interesting. Going up was breath taking! SERIOUSLY - altitude does a number especially for flat land dwellers.
Our children danced for water - such joy!