Greetings from Urukundo Village in the Center of Rwanda

 Sorry for the delay.  I really appreciate Sarah's note to my partners, family and friends.  It makes the computer responsible and I sure needed an excuse for no newsletter.

"Due to a computer malfunction, there will be a delay in publishing the February 2011 Newsletter."  This really sounds great.  The truth be known and advice given.

Do not spill a cup of tea on your laptop keyboard.

The computer cannot be repaired and so I have lost some precious pictures and documents.  I wonder if anyone else has made this same mistake - or only me!  This means buying a new laptop, which was not in my budget for the months ahead.

Advice for you all and especially me :

Don't drink and computer! 

Oh well, life goes on and the term 'crying over spilt milk' sure applies.  


February has been a month of change at Urukundo.  We have become more agricultural with 7 kitchen gardens.




The view standing at the garden site looking south.  There are also red beets, dodo (a type of spinach) green beans, peas and maize. 

Now that electricity is more dependable we can freeze foods for use during the dry season. A gift to buy the freezer was sent to us by a friend in Canada.  Our need now is freezer containers - freezing is not big in Rwanda.