Truck Transformation

With the farm expanding it was decided we needed a truck to haul food for the animals and transport our products to the market, so we started looking for a truck. Everything available cost more than Urukundo could afford. A supporter of Urukundo and a good friend came to the rescue offering not only to help with the purchase price, but also with the work needed to ensure that the truck passed the required National Inspection. Oswald, our regular driver, found this one. It was in bad shape but the price was right. It sure was a fixer upper!

Exterior damage apparent.
Tires bald and dangerous, the bed in need of repair, windows that did not close. Not a pretty sight.
Same truck.
The mechanic in charge did a fantastic job and changed the wreck into a car that passed requirements.
Amazing what a lot of interior work, a paint job and a new roll bar can do. 
We are again blessed.
A new truck. Awesome.
Thank you Tom - you made it all possible.