Greetings from Mama Arlene in Rwanda for October 2011

Dear friends and partners of Urukundo Foundation and Urukundo Home for Children.
I started out thinking there was not a lot to share in October but by the time I finished counted the blessings there was too much.  Bear with me please and help us to appreciate the gifts we have received.  There are so many blessings given to Urukundo in the month of October. 
Our family continues to grow.
A baby girl arrived at 7:40 pm on October 14th 2011.
She has been named Kevine Nelly Ineza.  She is a beautiful little girl and is about 2 weeks old.
Kavine was found in a ditch near a forest by police and brought to Urukundo at the request of the District.
We are happy to welcome this child into our Urukundo family.


Last year we were able to send 340 children to primary school thanks to your generous support. These children would not go to school without your love and gifts. The amount needed to supplement what the government provides is $15 USD per child per year.  This purchases a uniform, exercise books, pens, a book bag, flip flops and a jacket.

Please consider supporting Urukundo Foundation's goal to provide an education for as many children as possible: add EDUCATION FOR A RWANDAN CHILD to your Christmas gift list.

Gifts for education must reach HMR by December 15th.  The school year begins in January.