Stateside News from Mama Arlene for September 2010

Greetings from Lilliane and Mama in the USA.

How exciting and busy September has been. The journey is winding down. September started in Arizona moved into California then on to Texas and back to Pennsylvania. We have made a round trip and covered a lot of miles. Airplanes, cell phones, internet and Skype are just a few of our gifts from God. Imagine being able to talk to Seattle, Wa, McAllen Texas, Williamsport Pa, Phoenix Arizona all at the same time. The Hope Made Real Board Meeting actually took place on Skype.

Being able to see the kids and talk on Skype is awesome. It has made being away more bearable.

The journey has been fruitful. A gift was received to build the nursery with enough to start construction of the Preschool, Day Care Center. Praise God.

Your prayers are making a difference.


Friends greeted me

newest granddaughter
Meeting my newest great granddaughter.

granddaughters wedding
Grand daughters wedding July 3rd.

grandsons wedding
Grandsons wedding July 31st


Arizona proved to be more than the grand Canyon. Meeting and making new friends and greeting old friends was great.
arizona friends
friends 2

with Sue
Sue visited us at Urukundo
Mari and Lilliane
reunion- Mari welcomed a visit with Lilliane.

Every place we traveled there was beauty. What memories Lilliane will have to share. Each place had its own charm. There are so many pictures.


seals bark
Seals bark.

visit to the pacific ocean
liliane on the beachlilliane on the beach 2 Visit to the Pacific Ocean, California and Lilliane on the beach.

with Karen
Mama, Karen, Lilliane

Spending time with Karen and meeting all her animal friends made the California time special for me and for Lilliane - California is beautiful but for me colder than I expected.

karen's friends 1

Karen's Special friends
karen's friends 2

Emu and Pups

Texas was far hotter than I expected. I think it addled my thinking because I forgot to take pictures. I do hope Lilliane has pictures. If so I will share them next month.

Lilliane is getting a break from moving about from place to place. Going to school in the US is another experience she will add to her book of memories of her time in America. I miss her. She has traveled well and is experiencing much.

Please keep us in prayer. Keep the children at Urukundo Home in prayer.
The next steps of our journey take us ever closer to home.
The Lord be with you.