Stateside News from Mama Arlene August 2010

Missing the children at Urukundo is the down side of our trip to the US. It is disturbing to think about how much the kids, especially the babies, will have grown while I am away. We are blessed because we do have Skype and so get to see them occasionally. The time difference sometimes makes that difficult.
We have traveled many miles and have many yet to go. We are being treated most royally, greeting old friends and making new friends along the way. The end of August finds us in California. We are so blessed.

It is my pleasure to report to all who have been praying for the addition of a nursery that a gift was received, sent to Urukundo and the Nursery is under construction. Glory be to God.

The next project will be the day care and preschool. Prayers please, as we continue our journey.

Thought you might like to see my wonderful family in America.
american family
Mama and Children