July Visitors at Urukundo

Part of the team from England stayed at Urukundo's Hope House (the two women stayed at Real Motel). The team from a community church in England spent their days traveling to schools and other places to share the love of Jesus through puppets and games. On their final Sunday, Sam shared his testimony of how God's grace had been passed down through his grandfather. The picture above shows the guys playing football (soccer) with Papa John. The children enjoyed running circles around some of the "old timers" on the football field!

Talia was one of our summer interns. She and Sarah were enjoying watching the football game when this picture was taken. This is Talia's second trip to Urukundo. She is now a sophomore in high school and found that loving the children at Urukundo was such a great experience last year that she came back for an entire month this summer. Thanks for all the loving you gave to the children!