Greetings from Todd Ellingson in Rwanda for July 2010

Arlene is busy on her whirlwind speaking tour in America so I have the honor of telling you some of the news from Urukundo. For those who don't know me, I am Todd Ellingson. My wife, Andria and I moved permanently to Urukundo to help Arlene manage the home for children. We are very excited about this new adventure in which God has led us.
Todd, Andria and visitors
A team from North Phoenix Baptist came to visit. Their travels to Urukundo were somewhat eventful. The team flew into Johannesburg and missed their midnight connecting flight to Rwanda. So instead of arriving on Wednesday they arrived Thursday night late. On the way to pick them up at the airport our sedan broke down. We were stuck at a gas station with one good vehicle and one not so good. What do we do now? The team is arriving in 30 minutes and we are still trying to get our second vehicle going. We need both cars because the team is too many to fit in one.

We called our friends Isaac and Serrina from Victory Orphanage. They own an old model Land Cruiser that has seats in the back that run perpendicular to the front seats. Finally we got a hold of them and were on our way. Long story short, we picked them up in the "safari mobile" and were headed home to Urukundo (an hour drive). What an adventure!

Friday was filled with laughter and sharing. Andria's junior high youth leaders were Dan and Cindy Snead, so they had fun remembering some youth trips to Mexico and other places that Andria's faith was formed. It was like have family visit. Very encouraging!!

We showed them Urukundo and future spots for a school and clinic. We then took them to the market for a fun, chaotic experience of what it is like to shop for your daily needs. Our final destination was John's farm. A 45 minute drive and we were at his property. Kids came swarming and wanted to meet the visitors. Cameras took some great shots as children crowded around to see what they looked like in the little windows of a camera.

Overall it was a fun day and Saturday came too quickly as we took them into Kigali for some craft shopping, lunch (German Bakery) and to the airport. Thanks to Pastor Dick, Juan, Jennifer, Cindy and Dan!