Visitors for June

We were delighted to welcome a team of young people and two adults accompanying Andria from Arizona to Rwanda. Andria is the wife of Todd, the missionary God has sent to Urukundo.
Andria and group

Todd was most happy to see her. She joins Todd and Urukundo in Mission.

Rhegan Zavala from AZ will be with us until August

Nahal and Sherrie
Nahil and her mother Sherrie They are gardeners and started the foundation for the nursery
Rhegan and Andria pitched in and the work went well.

Nurse Nancy escaped the camera.

Talia from Bloomsburg, Pa, brave young woman.

Talia has returned for her second visit. She is proof that a young person can travel alone and arrive safely in Rwanda to Urukundo Village. The kids where so happy to see her. She won their hearts last summer. Her stay will be longer this time, and we are delighted.