Urukundo steps out in Mission

This month we welcomed Suzanne Evans to Urukundo Village. This woman from New York in the US had a vision and she came to us thanks to friends who supported her in that vision. Her purpose was to build a well that would benefit many. She asked us if it could be done, and our response was "with God in charge everything is possible". She had faith and now a community of over a thousand people have a source of water that will see them through the wet season and will be there even in the dry season.
the well
Praise a loving God and a woman with a vision. Suzanne was present to start construction of the well and then watched its development and completion. In less than a month, the life-giving water supply was built and in use. Suzanne will be at the dedication of the well on June 2nd before she returns to the US on the 3rd of June. We are blessed.
Suzanne and the well
Inyanza community a village about an hours drive from Urukundo Village is blessed because one woman cared and took action. Suzanne celebrated her 70th birthday with the May birthday children at Urukundo Home for Children. What a precious gift she gave to others in this her special birthday month.

With the completion of the well at Inyanza the next step to be considered is a similar well at Urukundo. We know now it is possible. It would benefit not only our village, but the whole community of over 2000 people.
Pray on this please.