Claudine Update

Claudine arrived with us March 2009.
Claudine March 2009
This beautiful, happy and healthy little girl is truly our Claudine just 14 months later.
Claudine May 2010 1 Claudine May 2010 2

Claudine will be 4 years old June 10, 2010. This little girl is a miracle. She can see. She sits alone, creeps, stands and holding on to two fingers she puts her weight on her feet and takes steps. She is making sounds and trying to talk. Claudine has come a long way and has a long way yet to go. Everything we were told was impossible for her, God has made possible. We have been blessed by her presence at Urukundo Home.
She is a special child - but like all mamas, I think all my children are special. Don't you?