A baby boy arrived April 24th. His mother died after leaving the hospital. His story is sad.
His mother gave birth at the hospital but with no money she could not stay there. She was discharged shortly after the birth to return to her village. The village is far out in the hills and a motor bike was the cheapest mode of transportation. The roads are one big rut after another. She got on the bike with her new born son in her arms and started for home.
The ride was rough and she did not heal well after the birth and so started to hemorrhage severely. The ride was over an hour and her life's blood was draining from her body. I am told she died on the way home still clutching her baby boy in her arms.
When the driver realized she was in trouble it was too late there was nothing he could do.

hillie 1
hillie 2
He is beautiful. He is loved and his name is Hildbrandt. Called Hillie.