Greetings from Mama Arlene in Rwanda for March 2010

The time is drawing near for my trip to the United States to see all of you. I am excited. Even though it is three months away, already we are making preparations for my time away from home. Todd and Andria Ellingson from Arizona are scheduled to come beforehand to train so that they will be the managers in my absence.

There is one need that I must bring to all of you my friends. As you know, in Rwanda I do not use any of the money you send for the children for any of my expenses or travel. Instead I live on (and share) my pension. Therefore there is not much left for my air travel expenses to and from and while I am in the United States. Approaching 80, I no longer drive so I will also need friends and supporters who can transport me to and from places and people I need to meet and visit with. I look forward to seeing so many of you, both individuals and churches as well as the school who have prayed for me these many years. If you are able to help me with my travel, either with funds or with your vehicle please let me know. Any funds sent should be designated as “TRAVEL FUNDS”.