Visitors for February

Danice Brown, no relation, was our very first volunteer. Urukundo opened on May 1st 2006. Danice arrived June 3rd 2006. We were so pleased to see Danice after such a long time.
She was surprised to see the little girls she new are now as tall or taller than she is. Her arrival was a celebration as she did not have enough arms to hug all the girls at once. Danice was with us before the boys became a part of our family.
Welcome home Danice.
Danice's comment 'Urukundo’s rate of progress is downright miraculous'.

Pedja Jurisic
This young man is a immigrant to the US from Bosnia. His home in America is in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He has been with the Peace Corps and stopped to visit Urukundo on his way back to the US. He hopes to go to Graduate School to study Political Science.