Food for Thought

This month reality set in. Our statement to you, our donors, has been: "every cent you send goes directly to the Ministry in Rwanda."

This needs to change. Our statement must now read: "every cent you donate, except for the PayPal transaction fee, is sent directly to the Ministry in Rwanda."

We have no administration fees but Paypal does take a percentage of your gift. We appreciate the technology that allows our donors to use this service, but it does come at a price.

There is no added cost with a personal check aside from the postage you pay. Our address for check donations is:

Hope Made Real
Arlene D Brown
PO Box 3222
Williamsport Pa 17701

Please consider sending your gifts this way, and I can assure you that "every cent you send by check goes directly to the Ministry in Rwanda."

Thank you for looking at this cost evaluation with me. What is best for you is also best for our work at Urukundo.